Patrick Caramagno
Heideck, Germany
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 Flight Design CT 


42,000    Germany 4025   


D-Motor LF 39

D-Motor LF 39, 6 cylinder injected direct drive engine, 125hp take off power at 3000 RPM, Double ECU ignition, Lambda oxygen sensor, Engine running time 35 hrs, Like new, Built 2021. Engine has run without any problems in a prototype aircraft for 35 hours. The project has been changed to 915is as the desire for more horsepower had come up, because the aerodynamics of the prototype cell was better than expected. In any case the CPU can be read out, also independently directly at D-Motor, to safely prove that the engine has never ran out of the greens. If you speak German, you can contact the owner directly +49 171 72 67 289. If you speak English, you can contact +49 173 360 73 77. --- View engine ---

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Date : 06-08-2023

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