+ 1 Year Service!
2016 JMB Aircraft VL-3 Evo 914 GroundRadar

Austria   € 210,000
Bush Flying BEAST
1963 Cessna 150 taildragger

Italy   € 90,000
2003 Diamond HK36 Super Dimona

Austria   € 170,000
Inter-War Classic
1936 Morane MS-317

Belgium   € 120,000
Comes With New ARC
2006 Piper PA-46-350P M350

Germany   € 695,000
Full IFR
1978 Piper PA-28-181 Archer II G5

England   € 127,900
1971 MBB Bo-209 Monsun

Germany   € 75,000
Offers Wanted
2006 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS

Austria   € Inquire
Garmin Touch Cockpit
2006 Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian G500 TXi

Germany   € 1,595,000
Best Cessna 182T
2009 Cessna 182 Skylane G1000 BRS

Germany   € 310,000
Low Time
1972 Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II

Slovakia   € 110,000
Nice Updated Panel
1974 Cessna 177 Cardinal Aspen

Ukraine   € 115,000
Airshow 25 & 26 May
1945 Nord 1101 Noralpha

France   € 56,000

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Lease / Charter
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Attention: in particular ads of expensive avionics may be subject to fraud. We recommend to pay for navigation equipment, radios and transponders via an escrow service. Such will minimize the risk of ordering goods you will not receive.


We offer N-registration for your aircraft - located in the heart of Europe - we offer the most personalized service in this field. Contact us for details. T+43-5232-20749 euroaviation@euram.at M+43-650-8600024

Contact Michael Ladstätter, Euram GesmbH, residing Kematen - Innsbruck, Austria, phone.
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Date : 24-04-2024

Multi-Engine Training Aircraft Required (Dry-Lease)

Air Res Aviation is seeking a multi-engine (ME) training aircraft for dry-lease. We are interested in models such as PA34, PA44, P2006T, P68. We will provide our own service and management under CAO organization at our expense. The collaboration is set to begin in Spring 2024 and should last for a minimum of one year. Terms and conditions are to be discussed.

Contact Jakub Grabek, Air Res Aviation, residing Rzeszow, Poland, phone.
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Date : 20-01-2024

Cessna C206 available for dry lease / hire purchase

Cessna U206F available for long term dry lease or hire purchase. 6 seater. Significant restoration and upgrade. Aircraft is on the UK CAA register however we will permit change of registration subject to lease duration and location

Contact Craig McDonald, CG Aviation Ltd, residing Perth, Scotland, phone.
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Date : 17-01-2024

Renting / Leasing DA42 for 3 weeks

We are a professional ATO based in Trollhättan (ESGT) Sweden. We are looking for opportunities to rent a DA42 between 10th of January to 1st of February 2024. The reason is that one of or DA42s is going for G1000 NXI, SBAS and GFC700 upgrade and we are looking for a DA42 during that time period. We are willing to discuss your terms and rates. Please email at: amin@alphaaviation.se

Contact Amin Kamyab, Alpha Aviation Academy, residing Trollhättan, Sweden, phone.
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Date : 31-12-2023

Wet-lease of P68

Brand new Vulcanair P68C or Observer available for Wet-lease in Europe and UK. Long-range config Photo hatch Bubble windows Including: Crew Insurance Fuel Administation Maintenance

Contact Mads Brandt, Bioflight, residing Roskilde, Denmark, phone.
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Date : 11-10-2023

Cessna 150 C

My plane is for sale, but I could also lease her. Look at my ad for Cessna 150 C for sale in Finland.

Contact Seppo Remy, residing Turku/Åbo, Finland, phone.
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Date : 16-07-2023

3 x AQUILA A211 GX - Rental to ATO / Aeroclub / hr building

Long term aircraft rental to flight school (ATO), Aeroclub and individuals for hours building. 3 x Aquila A211 G / GX with glass cockpit: - Garmin G500 / G500 TXi (PFD / MFD) - GTN 650 - WAAS (LPV) - Traffic / FLARM - Digital Engine Monitoring (GX) - 2 x USB / 12 V Plug - Autopilot (optional) - NVFR - https://www.gaviators.com/flotte/d-entu-a211-gx-ap Aircraft are professionally operated and maintained, under CAMO supervision. Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP) is approved for flight school use. Mobile: 0179/7611875

Contact Paolo Marcolini, GAviators, residing Berlin, Germany, phone.
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Date : 25-03-2023