2007 SG Storm
Lithuania   € 41,999
1973 Grumman American AA-5 Traveler
England   € 31,999
Most powerful Rotax
2020 Blackshape Prime 915is

Austria   € 199,000
Very beautiful CT-SW
2005 Flight Design CT SW

   € Inquire
2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 61,999

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PPL Training and SEP Revalidations

Now the price has been reduced. PPL with a big discount in the sunny Cyprus. You can contact us at any time for extra information. Night ratings and SEP revalidations also available. Our fleet is a PA 28 150hp. Hour building from 115 euro+19% vat also available. You are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Loukas Kyriakou , L. K Flyers LTD , residing Nicosia , Cyprus, phone 0035799516778.
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Date : 20-01-2020

Maitenance for all Zlins series !

Maintenance and support for Czech planes Zlin (all series) and L-200 A/D Morava !

Contact Petr Navratil, APN Avionics s.r.o., residing Prague, Czech Rep., phone +420774561327.
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Date : 09-01-2020

We help your aviation company to succeed in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with a rich aviation potential. Not only its vast size, but also its European aspirations create an urgency for Ukraine to develop its aviation onto a higher level. Not surprising, there are many aviation business opportunies in Ukraine waiting to be picked up by West-European aviation entrepreneurs. We understand Ukraine aviation, speak the native language and know the country's law, state structures and organizations. We offer you advice, but we also promote your company and interact between you and local third parties. We help your aviation company to succeed in Ukraine.

Contact Alexander Tabunets, residing Kiev, Ukraine, phone +380672478753.
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Date : 09-01-2020

Hallenplatz/Hangarspace in EDHF (Umgebung Hamburg)

Hallenplatz in EDHF für € 268 Monatsmiete bei Belegung mit 2 Flugzeugen in 216qm (18m x 12m) Halle. Das 18m breite Tor fährt elektrisch mit Fernbedienung. Die Halle hat einen Stromanschluss und Aussen-/Innenbeleuchtung. Eine Mitgliedschaft im Itzehoer Luftsport Verein ist Voraussetzung für die Nutzung des Flugplatzes. Die Halle ist über Hartbelag Taxiways an die Runway und die Tankstelle (Avgas 100LL) angeschlossen. Vereinsgebühren z. Z. Mitgliedschaft ILV p. a. = € 348 / Arbeitsstunden (Flugleiter) p. a. = 30 oder € 10/Std / Wachdienst p. m. = € 12,50 / Landepauschale p. a. = € 150 / Avgas für Mitglieder = Liter € 1,90

Contact Christian Mix, residing Kollmar, Germany, phone +4915158968158.
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Date : 04-01-2020

PART 145 Aircraft Service Station ULM, EXP. and US aircraft

www.falconaircraft.cz Maintenance, heavy repairs, fabric recovering, interior refresh, avionics installation and service of ULM, experimental and U.S.registed aircraft. Piper Cub Series and classic aircraft restoration specialists. US registered aircraft maintenance. Work performed by EASA and FAA A&P mechanics. Note: Limited capacity, book prior the service.

Contact Marek Vala, FalconAircraft, residing Kvasice, Czech Rep., phone +420602779356.
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Date : 03-01-2020



Contact Peter Schjoett, residing Billund, Denmark, phone +45 40 63 64 63.
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Date : 02-01-2020

FAA Flight Instructor in Scandinavia (Northern Europe)

Do you need a Flight Review (BFR) or Instrument Proficient Check (IPC), please contact me and I can help you with it. I can do it in owners airplane or in my own airplane. Please visit my website for more information: www.faacfieurope.com

Contact Amin Kamyab, www.faacfieurope.com, residing Gothenburg, Sweden, phone +46762201718.
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Date : 28-12-2019


***** VISITE VIRTUELLE SUR LE SITE ICOMI FRANCE ***** TALMONT ST HILAIRE - VENDEE AIR PARK ***** En couple ou en famille, actif ou retraité à la recherche d'une propriété d'exception avec aérodrome privatif ? Génial car le Vendée Air Park est de renommée internationale, idéalement situé à proximité de LA ROCHELLE. La propriété vous séduira par ses volumes et ses prestations raffinées. L'espace de vie de +140m² est en rez de terrasse et jardin. Les 3 suites sont toutes généreuses. Le bureau est situé dans une tourelle reconstituée à l'identique (touche historique et authentique). Le grand hangar vous permettra de mettre à l'abri vos véhicules de collections et 3/4 avions. La piscine couverte et chauffée sera parfaite pour vos moments de détente. Le coup de coeur est assuré. La tranquilité est absolue. Surface jardin: 12000m². DPE : théorique à 146 (chauffage à 2096€/an - C). SURFACES - utile 598m² - carrez 448m² - habitable 448m² - pondérée 463m².

Contact Arnaud Christelle Madec, Icomi France, residing Brest, France, phone 0033674826052.
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Date : 10-11-2019

Night Ratings Freedom Aviation

From November 2019-January 2020, Freedom Aviation will be doing Night Ratings at Cotswold Airport and London Oxford Airport. £1200 for 5 hours, including full stops landings. Please contact me for more information and to get booked in.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 01-11-2019

Time Hour Building in Portugal - Cheap Prices

Take advantage of the Portugal wonderful weather. Low cost hour building in Cessna 152 IFR equipped. Contact me for more info.

Contact Miguel Cabral, Carlos Miguel Cabral, residing Lisbon, Portugal, phone +351962559957.
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Date : 22-09-2019

Transatlantic ferry service small GA aircraft

Hi all aircraft owners: I will be available this winter to deliver any single or multi piston and a few turboprops. I am an experienced pilot and mechanic who did plenty of transatlantic ferry’s between USA and Europe and between Europe and Asia and Africa. I arrange my own ferry permits flight permits and annual inspections. I assure the aircraft is airworthy ( FAA annual inspection can be done by myself on location) all services will be done my myself . No other companies involved. This is the easiest hassle free and best insured service. The prices are fixed with no extra cost at the end. Prebuy inspection on request for free. Any problems on the aircraft I can fix myself during the ferry to assure my safety and the delivery of your new aircraft. Limited to following aircraft: Cessna 100 and 200 and 300 series single and multi piston Cessna 401 402 404 414 421 425. Cessna 208 caravan Piper all Beechcraft all pistons and King air 90 100 and 200 Rockwell Commander jetprops and pistons. Current type ratings Boeing 737, Cessna CE-500, Douglas DC-3, Saab SF-340. My licenses FAA SACAA ATP CFI MEI A&P IA. 5000hr TT. Reservations one month in advance Also available to do FAA IA inspections in Europe. Also available for FAA flight reviews in Europe. Many thanks Michael Fabry

Contact Michael Fabry, PLANE RESCUE , residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 29-08-2019

PPL Ground School

We offer PPL Ground School in Wiltshire/Gloucestershire area. £90 per subject which includes a full day of tuition and the exam fee. You study each subject in depth and then take the exam at the end of the day. Very small classes. See website for dates and additional information Alternative dates are often also available on request. Contact us via the website. www.freedomaviation.co.uk. or email: info@freedomaviation.co.uk or 07973 322698 for further details.

Contact Sarah Letheren, Freedom Aviation, residing Kemble, Gloucestershire, England.
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Date : 22-08-2019

Trust Service for US Aircraft Registration

We offer a fully legal Trust service for aircrafts to be registered with an American call sign. If you would like to enjoy the full advantages of a US registered aircraft please do not hesitate to contact us via email on euroaviation@euram.at. We'll put you up in the air safely!

Contact Christopher Ladstätter, Euroaviation Inc., residing Kematen, Austria, phone 00436508600024.
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Date : 16-08-2019

Maintenance - Spares - Rental - Lease

www.dynamicaviation.nl EASA PART145 For all maintenance, spares, rental and lease. Certified for EASA and FAA aircraft and helicopter service. www.dynamicaviation.nl

Contact Erik Jesterhoudt, Dynamic Aviation, residing Lelystad, Netherlands, phone +31(0)6 175 87 172.
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Date : 13-06-2019


We pride ourselves on delivering an unrivalled aircraft ferrying service catering, predominantly, for planes weighing 12,500 lbs or less. Ferryair has 24 years aircraft ferrying experience since 1995 and has ferried craft ranging from GA singles including microlights up to complex utility twins and turboprop aircraft. We have the flight crews to serve aircraft ferrying operations throughout Europe, Africa, the Far East, Middle East and US. We provide all the necessary documentation, including over flight, to enable aircraft ferrying to proceed with minimal interruptions from export documentation and customs clearances.Ferryair uses the latest state of the art navigation software coupled with weather briefing data to enable efficiency and competitive prices for aircraft ferrying. Due to the current world climate, with security being an issue. When Ferryair provides you with aircraft ferrying services your plane is kept under watchful eyes. ONLINE QUOTES ARE AVAILABLE on www.ferryair.com SPECIAL RATES FOR SUMMER & WINTER FERRY FLIGHTS

Contact Peter Kelsey, Ferryair Worldwide, residing Edinburgh, Scotland, phone 00447901580474.
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Date : 15-04-2019