2003 Piper PA-46-500TP Meridian
England   $ 750,000
1976 Cessna A-188 AgTruck BONAIRE CON
Guinea-Bissau   € 39,900
Travel Fast & Cheap
2004 Lancair 235 project

Netherlands   € 32,950
FW 190 Replica
2008 Focke-Wulf FW-190 Replica 3/4 scale

Germany   € Inquire
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania   € 31,999
2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 53,999
most powerful Rotax
2019 Blackshape Prime 915is

Austria   € 214,000

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CozyIII in Schleswig -Holstein

CozyIII with IO320 and MT CS prop. First flight planned for 2020. Open for partnership with ambitious aviator and builder. Let´s meet in my garage. Jochen

Contact Jochen Fuglsang, residing Aukrug, Germany, phone +49 15752822288.
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Date : 16-05-2019