Because nice airplanes never pass twice!

With PlaneAlert you receive the latest PlaneCheck airplane news of your choice via email. You can use PlaneAlert after you have registered to PlaneCheck.
Below you can read how PlaneAlert works.

1. Initialise your PlaneAlert settings.

After you have registered to PlaneCheck, you log in and choose either "all aircraft" or up to 10 airplane models you want to be kept informed about. In the below sample, Mr John Doe wants to receive latest advert news on all Mooney airplanes, but also on the Cessna 340.

2. New airplane adverts and price reductions come in.

Some day a Piper Seneca and a Cessna 340 are newly advertised on PlaneCheck.
A Piper Twin Comanche is reduced in price.

3. You receive PlaneAlert email.

As Mr John Doe has set a PlaneAlert on the Cessna 340, he receives an email about that airplane the next day:

Dear John Doe,

The below aircraft information may be of interest to you:

1978 Cessna 340  € Inquire
G-ABCD, based England, offered by ACME Ltd

This information is presented as a result of your current PlaneAlert settings.

Kind regards,



PlaneAlert is a FREE service. PlaneAlert settings do not expire until you change them.

In order to use PlaneAlert, you only need to register to PlaneCheck.

With PlaneAlert, you literally "stay tuned"!

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