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CubCrafters XCub
Year of construction  2020
Country  Poland
City/Aerodrome  EPRZ
Description  CUBCRAFTERS XCUB - Adventure Multiplied

XCUB checks every box on an adventure Pilot’s wish list: remarkable

STOL performance, generous useful load, class defining speed and cross-country range. Yet XCub surrounds both pilot and passenger with comfort and convenience. The pilot experience at the controls is intuitive and satisfying. Cockpit ergonomics are thoughtfully executed. Control inputs are rewarded with a precisely smooth, tactile feel and superb control harmony.

XCUB is type certified as FAA Part 23 and EASA CS 23 aircraft.

CubCrafters Europe is the Certified Sales Center in Europe for CUBCRAFTERS products and you are very welcome to contact us any time for consulting and ordering your dream airplane and becoming a part of the CUBCRAFTERS family.
Airplane time state  Engine Lycoming O-360 C1G
Interior  State of the art
2 seats, dual controls, baggage compartment
Exterior  XCUB is available on various wheelsets, between 8.5“ up to 35“ – Tundra-tires, with floats and amphibious floats.
Avionics  Standard VFR cockpit or Garmin G3X Suite, with full-glass-cockpit and autopilot
Remarks  Facts:

       Certification        FAA Part 23
       Category        Normal 2,300 lbs GW
       Utility        1,980 lbs GW
       Type        Single engine land & sea
       Crew        2

       Engine        Lycoming O-360-C1G 180 horsepower
       Propeller           Hartzell Trailblazer constant speed, composite

       Length                23 ft 10 in
       Height                8 ft 4 in
       Wingspan         34 ft 4 in
       Wing Area         174.8 sq ft
       Cabin Width      30" @ pilot position
       Cabin Height     52" @ pilot position
       Cargo Area      26 cu ft

       Empty Weight        1,216 lbs base configuration
       Gross Weight         2,300 lbs
       Useful Load           1,084 lbs
       Cargo Weight        230 lbs

       Fuel 49 gallons

       Maximum Speed        153 mph in level flight
       Cruise Speed               145 mph at 75% power
       Stall Speed                   39 mph
       Rate of Climb              1,500 fpm
       Endurance                   6+ hrs
       Range                           800 miles
       Takeoff Distance        170 ft demonstrated
       Landing Distance        170 ft demonstrated

       VNE                               167 mph* never exceed redline
       VsO                               46 mph* stall speed - power off, flaps full
       Vs                                  46 mph* stall speed - flaps up
       VFE                               81 mph* maximum speed - flaps extended
       Vo                                99 mph* maximum operating maneuvering speed
       Vx                                59 mph* best angle of climb speed
       Vy                                74 mph* best rate of climb speed
       * 2,300 lbs gross weight using FAA mandated worst-case conditions

Prices starting at USD 333,400,- base price , plus. optionally available features, VAT & transport. (prices at start of the advert for convenience and subject to review by CUBCRAFTERS or CSC)
Price  $ 333,400  excl 23% EU VAT
[ approx  $ 410,082  incl VAT ]

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