3 C337 for 47500Eur
1973 Cessna 337 Skymaster 3x project

Spain   € 47.500
Sky Arrow
2006 3I Sky Arrow 450TS

Italy   € 52.000
1983 LET L-410 Turbolet
Czech Rep.   $ Inquire
2017 CC Millennium Master project

Italy   € 69.900
M20K 252 TSE
1989 Mooney M20K 252

Italy   € 169.000
Perfect twin step up
1996 Piper PA-34-220T Seneca IV 1/2 share

Belgium   € 99.000

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Time Building with Helicopter in Hungary

Time Hour Building in Hungary. Take advantage of the Hungary good weather. Hour / Time building in Hiller UH 12 E, Robinson 22, Robinson 44. Prices: (370 Euro / hour with UH12 ) (330 euro/ hour with R22) (500 euro / hour with R44) Fuel and landing fees included!! Several hour package and discount available!! It depends on the flight hours!! Contact me for more details. Contact Tamas Jakab www.flycoop.hu jakab.tamas@flycoop.hu flycoop@flycoop.hu

Contact Apró Mónika, FLY-COOP Ltd, residing Kadarkút, Hungary, phone +36303261659.
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Date : 25-11-2015


Check our offer: www.plane4you.eu Aircraft Sales Center

Contact Piotr Lasek Plane4You, Plane4You Aircraft Sales Center, residing Mielec EPML, Poland, phone +48 515 626 410.
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Date : 10-11-2015

ICAO Maps (Charts) Norway, Sweden, Finland, Benelux, Germany

Selling ICAO Maps for Sweden, Norway (set 7St) and Finland (set 7St) plus Benelux and Germany 12 Euro Each

Contact Stefano Scossa, Aeromeccanica SA, residing Gordola, Switzerland, phone +41-91-2103128.
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Date : 16-09-2015