2006 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS
Germany   € 240.000
the lowest price
2015 Halley Apollo Delta Jet 2

Hungary   € 15.800
2018 DynAero CR-100 1/3 Share

France   € 28.000
Dual-Control Mustang
1944 North American P-51 Mustang D/TF

Germany   $ Inquire
2005 Cirrus SR22 G2 GTS
Italy   € 200.000
2013 Christensen Opus 3
Denmark   € 82.500
2007 SG Storm Century
Lithuania   € 33.999
2003 Cirrus SR22
Germany   € 225.000
1972 Cessna F-172 L Reims
Lithuania   € 34.999

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For sale COLLINS,VOR receiver VIR-351 TSO for parts or it can be fixed. The receiver removed with a fault indication in the screen. For sale in good condition Collins VOR indicator. The indicator removed from the plane in good condition and serviceable. For further details please send an email.

Contact Loukas Kyriakou , L. K Flyers LTD , residing Nicosia , Cyprus, phone 0035799516778.
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Date : 17-07-2018

KT-76A, KG102A and Collins Primary SERVO for SALE

THE REMAINING KG-102A and Servo Motor only for 600€ KG-102A P/N 060-0015-0000 Servo Motor assy P/N 622-2366-001 All of them Serviciable with Form 1. Also ideal items for spare parts.

Contact Mikel Zarate, residing Madrid, Spain.
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Date : 17-07-2018


KLN-89B P/N 066-01148-0102 S/N M4699 This unit is in VERY GOOD condition. It comes with mounting tray and connectors, Data card, original Pilot´s-guide handbook. Also included is the serial adapter with harness and an AC-Power-harness to upload database. Database: Atlantic 5 expired 11 Jan 2012, current database available for an additional cost. PRICE: €350.- + shipping from Germany OR: €450.- incl. current database + shipping from Germany

Contact Karl Volz, residing Heimsheim, Germany, phone +4972341850.
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Date : 16-07-2018

Kx155 Nav/com, KY97A sale

I have in stock N 1 Com. King KY- 97A ,14 volts at 300,00€ ; serviceable condition. N 1 Transponder Collins TDR-950 mod C cipper price. N 1 Indicator KI-203 Vor/Loc. at cipper price. I send picture if request. Info: Giancarlo Email: airstork@hotmail.it ; mobil : +393312041228 .

Contact Fiordoliva Giancarlo, Airstork, residing Bernezzo, Italy, phone +393312041228.
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Date : 15-07-2018

Transponder KT76A

Used and working Bendix/King KT76A Transponder. Euro 300.- Skymap IIIC GPS Euro 150.- Pictures captain72@outlook.de

Contact Cpilots, residing Petronell, Austria, phone +436506001600.
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Date : 27-06-2018

Garmin sl 30 Sl 40

For sale 1 SL 40 Garmin 1 SL 30 Garmin new

Contact Elmar Marinoni, residing Burgstall, Italy, phone 00393357751391.
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Date : 21-06-2018

FS: Bendix/King KY - 196B - 8.33 kHz

KY 196B - 8.33 kHz - fresh EASA Form 1, install kit and 90 days warranty ask for more: info@apn-avionics.com or call +420 774 561 327

Contact Petr Navratil, APN Avionics s.r.o., residing Brno , Czech Rep., phone +420774561327.
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Date : 20-06-2018

KCS55A Avionics (KI-525A KMT-112 KA-51B KG-102A)

For sale Complete KCS55A System (with Bootstrap Output: KI-525A Pictorial Navigation Indicator P/N 066-3046-01 S/N 25081; KMT-112 Magnetic Azimuth Trasmitter P/N 071-1052-00 S/N 30204; KA-51B Slaving Accessory P/N 071-1242-01 S/N 23948; KG-102A Directional Gyro P/N 060-0015-00 S/N 26441 Mounts and used connectors available EASA FORM 1 DATED 07 FEBRUARY 2017!!! TESTED AND CALIBRATED Extremely good condition. --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- View 6 --- View 7 --- View 8 --- View 9 --- View 10 --- ASKING PRICE €2500,00 ready to ship. New connectors kit on request in addition Optionally KA52 Autopilot adapter can be also added (Working, no EASA Form 1 for this, but can be done)

Contact Diego Prescenzo, residing Roma, Italy, phone +393923881496.
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Date : 18-06-2018

Buying old Radios, mode C transponders and other Avionics

Did you remove your Radio for 8.33 upgrade? I am currently located in Europe to purchase older style 25 Khz King KX-155, KX-165, KX-175B, Mircroair 760, Becker, and Garmin Nav/Com Radios, Mode C Transponders and many other avionics. Can travel, will pick up, paying cash. Please email me if you have avionics to sell!

Contact Marlene Smith, Parts for Planes, residing USA California, Netherlands.
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Date : 12-06-2018

KLN-94, KCS-55A HSI, KI-256 ADI, KI-525A, VHF-251 AIS 240-35

for sale KLN-94, KCS-55A HSI with KI-525A, KMT 112, KG 102A, KI-256 ADI, VHF-251 VIR 351 RCR 650A AIS 240-35 all removed for upgrade in working condition.

Contact C. Hardegger, residing G., Switzerland, phone 0041795226014.
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Date : 08-06-2018

Audiopanel, Trimble 2000 GPS and more...

King Audiopanel KMA 20 TSO with harness, Marker reciever R-402A, King Audiopanel KMA 24H TSO with harness, Trimble 2000 GPS with harness, ARNAV Star 5000 GPS with harness. Narco AT50 Transponder with AR-850. Narco PDF35 ADF with Indicator For sale --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- View 6 ---

Contact Ivan Andersen, Company Flight K/S, residing Sindal, Denmark, phone +45 40 58 86 33.
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Date : 02-06-2018


GARMIN SL 30 Nav/Comm as new condition. still has the protective plastic on front lens. Price 3.000€. Send free inside EU

Contact Costa, residing Braga, Portugal, phone +351933749561.
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Date : 21-05-2018


FOR SALE USED AVIONICS. N.1 KMA20TSO KING N.1 KR85 ADF N.1 ISOCOM DAVID CLARK N.1 GPS APOLLO SL50 N.1 KN62A DME N.1 KT 76A TRANSPONDER N.2 KX175B/10 RADIO All parts are in good condition, complete with slot. sold individually or in bulk. all parts are working

Contact Stefano Bragato, Air City srl, residing Casale Monferrato, Italy, phone +393488718294.
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Date : 16-05-2018

S-TEC 50 autopilot

Used s-tec 50 autopilot in work condition complete of all parts. Price 5000€.

Contact Christian, residing Milan, Italy, phone +393393151115.
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Date : 10-05-2018


I'm looking for a KING KLX 135A working condition Thank you for offers.

Contact Hornett, residing Rvs, France, phone +33 620 710 766.
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Date : 03-05-2018