Best priced C414AW
1979 Cessna 414A Chancellor AW

Austria   € 250.000
2008 Dova DV-1 Skylark

Poland   € 58.500
Magnificent Remos GX
2016 Remos GX-NXT

Lithuania   € 98.900
Super Aeroprakt A-22
2016 Aeroprakt A-22 L

Lithuania   € 52.977
Ready to GO!
2007 CZAW Sport Cruiser

Portugal   € 72.500
Make an Offer
1981 Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III

England   € 148.000

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Bendix King KX96A TSO VHF

Bendix King KX96A TSO VHF, pn 064-1052-70 27.5 VDC As removed 700 USD 900 USD with one 30 days return possibility shipping charges not included

Contact Stefano Scossa, Aeromeccanica SA, residing Gordola, Switzerland, phone +41-91-2103128.
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Date : 21-04-2017

Piper PA18 and J3/L4 Cub projects

We have to manny projects, so we offer several Piper PA18 ( 2 ea ) and L3/L4 ( 4 ea. ) Cub project fore sale. Not all this project are compleet buth get good fuselage's and most of all main components to start. We do not have engin's buth can help you to find good core from 65 up to 0-200. Price are going from 7500 € up to 22.000 €, depending condition etc.. All project have papers ! Dont use ore time buth only contact use when you are intending to buy one of this projects. Some pictures aviable.

Contact Raymond Cuypers, Raymond's Aircraft Restoration bvba, residing Antwerp, Belgium, phone 0032495548850.
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Date : 21-04-2017

Motion Flight Simulator with 220° projection field of view

To create the most realistic simulator environment, a real flight deck shell is the heart of the simulator. All the controls, seats and liners are from the original plane and are kept original. They not only look like real but they also feel like the real aircraft controls. The purpose if this simulator is to provide a full flight experience, and this in a generic twin jet aircraft allowing the same level of FNPT II training without the expensive and demanding certification. Full flights around the world are possible but also navigational training in multi crew environment. To take the experience to the highest possible level, a motion system is added to create all the flight cues on ground and during flight and also the meteorological conditions like turbulence and shear. The simulator is made as compact as possible allowing it to be installed in almost every place. MAIL FOR DETAILED INFORMATION DOCUMENT . price 40K

Contact Griet Vercruysse, Aviaparts, residing Brussels, Belgium, phone +32468107690.
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Date : 17-04-2017

Flightline FL-760 VHF Com

Used Flightline FL-760 VHF Com. Works and looks as new.

Contact Pedro Miguel, residing Lisbon, Portugal.
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Date : 16-04-2017

Hoffmann Propeller HO-V92F/195C

2 blades wood propeller (variable pitch) In very good condition Price € 800.- Muffler for Beech 35 Bonanza (new) Part number 186-30, Price € 850, e-mail:

Contact Gerard Pythoud, Groupe Bonanza, residing Cottens, Switzerland, phone 00 41 79 6580062.
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Date : 15-04-2017

Piper PA 23-250 Aztec parts

Has 1 engine with < 10 hrs after overhaul. All parts from Aztec available at request. E mail with part number

Contact Kishore Patel, Superior Air, residing Nairobi, Kenya, phone +2542 733938549.
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Date : 15-04-2017

Used Cirrus SR22 Parts for sale

P/n P041GD1500 (21953-002) TKS Pressure Switch 1ea, P/n 21946-004 Unequal Tee 1ea, P/n 21946-002 Unequal Tee 1ea, P/n 21955-001 (FV158) Windshield Solenoid 1ea, P/n 453-0023 Artex remote switch 1ea, P/n 452-6505 Artex Buzzer 1ea, P/n 01-0271325-00 Recog light 2ea, P/n 2550-25 Strainer 1ea, P/n 18337-001 Angle pump mount 1ea, P/n 18336-002 Clamp block 1ea, P/n 1133035-1 (21120-001) Enviro Hose Assy, Firewall to condenser 1ea, P/n 1133034-2 (21114-101) Enviro Hose Assy 1ea, P/n 18378-002 Fuel pump shield 1ea, P/n 102N0411-1 Access Panel 1ea, P/n 19695-001 Bracket 1ea, P/n 102N0252-1 AFT Fuselage Low Pressure Line (oxygen) 1ea, P/n 11676-002 Ground bus bar assembly 1ea, P/n 21528-002 Cabin Air Duct Fan Cover 1ea, P/n 10493-002 Panel 2ea, P/n 10494-002 Panel 3ea, P/n 13929-003 Grounding Strap 1ea

Contact Vincent Wigmans, Fly Aeolus, residing Antwerp & Rotterdam, Belgium, phone 003235009082.
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Date : 12-04-2017

Hartzell Propeller from PA-32-300 EUR 900,-

Propeller Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF removed from a Piper PA-32-300 due to upgrade to 3 blade, due for overhaul (last 2002) with original log and Form 1 from last ovh. Asking EUR 900,- VAT free

Contact Thomas Zilaji, Südflug GmbH, residing Radenthein, Austria, phone +436645838166.
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Date : 06-04-2017

Parts for Zlin Z-526F

For sale: - brand new end of the wings left and right, - brand new complete gravity valve, - propeller AVIA V 503A (for overhaul), - fuel injection pump (for LOM 137, never used).

Contact R2F, residing BBiala, Poland.
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Date : 04-04-2017

For sale Avionics

Garmin GTX 330 S mode like new 2300 Euro Garmin GTX328 S mode like new 2000 Euro KN62A DME 2000 Euro KN63 DME 3000 Euro Garmin GTX327 800 Euro GPS Garmin 695 price 900 Euro GPS Garmin 795 price 1000 Euro KN 53 NAV-ILS price 900 Euro KI 203 price 800 Euro Bendix King KR-85 ADF KI-225 Indicator KA-42B antenna and cable price 800 Euro. Bendix King KR-86 ADF 400 Euro Bendix King KX 170B 300Euro KING KX 125 NAV/COMM price 600 Euro KING KX 155 NAV/COMM 14v price 1100 Euro KING KX 155 NAV/COMM 28v price 600 Euro KING KX 175B NAV/COMM price 500 Euro Bendix King KT 70 S-Mode Transponder 900 Euro Bendix King KT 76C Transponder 600 Euro Bendix King KT 76A Transponder 500 Euro Bendix King KT 76 Transponder 400 Euro Audio panel KMA 20 300 Euro EASA FORM 1 FOR ALL

Contact David Sykora, residing Prague, Czech Rep., phone +420724068065.
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Date : 03-04-2017


LH wing UAC Ribs-Unc Part number U14394-000 serial number B0008 with original cerificate of UNIVAIR Aircraft Corporation Euro 7.500 e-mail:

Contact Lorenzo Struzzi, residing Piacenza, Italy, phone 00393356447305.
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Date : 02-04-2017


Engine in perfect condition, after restoration. Without papers. More information on email.

Contact Dominik, Aero Bay Art, residing Leżajsk, Poland, phone +48723621635.
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Date : 23-03-2017


Engines ASz-62ir for sale. Different conditions. Price from 1600Euro/pcs. More info on e-mail

Contact Dominik, Aero Bay Art, residing Leżajsk, Poland, phone +48723621635.
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Date : 23-03-2017

Complete Continental 0-470-U13B engine

Continental 0-470-U13B engine for sale. This engine is from a Cessna 182 that was converted to Diesel. Complete engine on engine Mount with all accessories and exhaust.

Contact Torben Jensen, Air Service Vamdrup ApS, residing Vamdrup, Denmark, phone +47 41 583 708.
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Date : 23-03-2017

Looking for a O 320 D2A / O320D2A / O-320 D2A / O-320D2A

I am looking for a Lycoming O-320 D2A in usable condition. Make offer.

Contact Holger Wunsch,, residing Offenburg, Germany.
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Date : 22-03-2017