2009 Airlony Skylane
Netherlands   € 47.500

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Horizontal stab socata tb20

Searching for Socata Trinidad TB20 horizontal stab serviceable pn: TB2034001001 or TB203400101301

Contact Serge Tremblay, 9280-4657 Qué. inc., residing Laval, Canada, phone +1 514-983-2802.
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Date : 07-05-2017

EASA PPL Ground School - Perth, Scotland

5 Day PPL (A) Theoretical Knowledge Course, including exams and course notes. Next Course dates: - 7th Aug - 11th Aug 2017 This course has been designed to help private pilots achieve the highest standard in their PPL exams. This is a 5 day course running Monday to Friday, with the exams being taken after each tuition day or the morning after the relevant subject. Our courses are delivered by talented and enthusiastic instructors, with a wealth of experience, who will make sure they work with you to get through your exams. There are 9 subjects in the PPL syllabus. - Air Law - Operational Procedures - Meteorology - Principles of Flight - Navigation - Communications - Human Performance and Limitations - Aircraft General Knowledge - Flight Performance and Planning All exams must be completed within 6 sittings (a sitting is defined by the CAA as a 10 day period) On completion of your first exam pass, all the remaining exams must be completed within 18 months. Once all exams have been completed they will remain valid for 24 months. All PPL exams must be completed prior to undertaking the PPL skills test. Course Breakdown: - 5 Day Course at ACS Flight Training, Perth Airport - PPL Starter pack including all books / manuals / CRP1/ Pooleys bag - All 9 CAA exams PPL Ground School course price incl manuals, CAA exams; £765.00 inc VAT.

Contact Craig McDonald, ACS Flight Training, residing Perth, Scotland, phone +441738550003.
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Date : 01-05-2017


King radio for sale, inspected and repaired the display October 2013, removed of the aircraft December 2014 (full working). Portable Collision Avoidance Service ZAON FOR SALE. Full working. I would like sell it as "package". Motivated seller, make an offer!! Call Tom +39 335 5824435 Located in LIPB (Bolzano- Italy)

Contact Thomas Andergassen, residing Kaltern, Italy, phone +393355824435.
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Date : 28-04-2017


Parting Out Cessna 150L,Cessna 172Rocket , Cessna 177. Piper 34 Seneca 2 and Seneca 4, Piper 28 Archer , Arrow , Piper 32 Saratoga Sp , Socata TB9/10 .Beechcraft A23 ! Propellers and Engine available !!! Request your Parts !!! A lot of Fusselage available For SIM Builder!

Contact Michael, PlaneParts Nimbus , residing Bonn, Germany, phone +49 15739593025.
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Date : 26-04-2017

LYCOMING AEIO-540-L1B5 • $48.000 • FOR SALE •

Lycoming AEIO-540-L1B5 Engine (s/n L-25946-48A) Only 02:50 hrs since new. Year of production: 1996 .Never installed. Factory completation: alternator, magnetos, fuel pump,starter - new ones. In year 2013 : 12-years inspection was made in accordance to manuals, SB's and AD's and engine calendar was extended. Preservation was made. Complete of documents: log book, cerificate of engine completation, Easa Form 1. Free delivery of engine within the Europe. • Contact : .Located Poland • Telephone: +48 56 4654313 .or mobile +48 601164854

Contact Roman Sadowski, residing Grudziądz, Poland, phone +48 601164854.
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Date : 26-04-2017


Both aircraft just out of annual on our Robin HR20's. May and June hour building special: 25 Hours: 2500 Euro including basic accommodation/transport. 50 Hours: 4800 Euro Including basic accommodation/transport. www.selfflyhireromania.wordpress.com

Contact Sylv Alster, Self Fly Hire Romania, residing Bucharest, Romania, phone 0040732203379.
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Date : 25-04-2017

Moravan Zlin Z-126

Zlin Z-126 fuselage, TTSN 3006 hours, 9721 landings, flown until 1980 in Czech Aeroklubs, no damage history recorded in logbook.

Contact Arthur Marzell, residing Remscheid, Germany, phone 00492191661199.
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Date : 24-04-2017

Bendix King KX96A TSO VHF

Bendix King KX96A TSO VHF, pn 064-1052-70 27.5 VDC As removed 700 USD 900 USD with one 30 days return possibility shipping charges not included

Contact Stefano Scossa, Aeromeccanica SA, residing Gordola, Switzerland, phone +41-91-2103128.
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Date : 21-04-2017

Piper PA18 and J3/L4 Cub projects

We have to manny projects, so we offer several Piper PA18 ( 2 ea ) and L3/L4 ( 4 ea. ) Cub project fore sale. Not all this project are compleet buth get good fuselage's and most of all main components to start. We do not have engin's buth can help you to find good core from 65 up to 0-200. Price are going from 7500 € up to 22.000 €, depending condition etc.. All project have papers ! Dont use ore time buth only contact use when you are intending to buy one of this projects. Some pictures aviable.

Contact Raymond Cuypers, Raymond's Aircraft Restoration bvba, residing Antwerp, Belgium, phone 0032495548850.
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Date : 21-04-2017

Static Inverters SC50 for sale

14 Static inverter SC50 Model from KGS Electronics for sale. All of them in very good condition. 12 of them in the original package. The other 2 only bench tested. Faa 8130 from OEM AVAILABLE. Maje an offer for the whole pack or for individual units.

Contact Mikel Zarate, residing Madrid, Spain.
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Date : 20-04-2017

AVIA M337A Zlin43

Expired engine without technical problems preserved Can also be overtaken for sale with 0 hours Tel 00493652056983

Contact Hemmann, LSV, residing Gera, Germany, phone 00491772416048.
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Date : 19-04-2017

KT-76A, KG102A and Collins Primary SERVO for SALE

THE REMAINING KG-102A and Servo Motor only for 600€ KT-76A P/N 066-01062-0000 SOLD KG-102A P/N 060-0015-0000 Servo Motor assy P/N 622-2366-001 All of them Serviciable with Form 1. Also ideal items for spare parts.

Contact Mikel Zarate, residing Madrid, Spain.
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Date : 18-04-2017

VIR-351 and VHF-251 for SALE

Two VIR-351 and one VHF-251 as is. Displays not operative. Ideal for spare parts. All for 200€. Make an offer.

Contact Mikel Zarate, residing Madrid, Spain.
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Date : 18-04-2017

Motion Flight Simulator with 220° projection field of view

To create the most realistic simulator environment, a real flight deck shell is the heart of the simulator. All the controls, seats and liners are from the original plane and are kept original. They not only look like real but they also feel like the real aircraft controls. The purpose if this simulator is to provide a full flight experience, and this in a generic twin jet aircraft allowing the same level of FNPT II training without the expensive and demanding certification. Full flights around the world are possible but also navigational training in multi crew environment. To take the experience to the highest possible level, a motion system is added to create all the flight cues on ground and during flight and also the meteorological conditions like turbulence and shear. The simulator is made as compact as possible allowing it to be installed in almost every place. MAIL FOR DETAILED INFORMATION DOCUMENT . price 40K

Contact Griet Vercruysse, Aviaparts, residing Brussels, Belgium, phone +32468107690.
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Date : 17-04-2017

McCauley 2A34C203 Propeler WANTED

I am looking for a 2A34C203 propeller in serviceable condition to fit my Cessna 172 HAWK XP OR 2 Serviceable blades for the same May consider 3 blade Hartzell to suit please email john.clegg8@btinternet.com

Contact John Clegg, JMC Aviation, residing Swansea, Wales, phone +447824556149.
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Date : 17-04-2017