2009 Airlony Skylane
Netherlands   € 47.500

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aircraft booking system and Flying school software.

Price reduction!!! Price from £5.99 AIR ACADEMY Flight Training Management Software Online Flying School software. Online booking system. Designed to save you time on invoicing aircraft Usage/ Rental. Try our demo online. demo.air-academy.co.uk Available features Customisable and easily integrated to your own website. User/Student Management-Record User/Student details and allow access to booking system. Student Training Records - holds student training history. View of training progress so far, including exams and solo training flights. Aircraft - can hold multiple aircraft. Upload aircraft document images. View remaining hours for the 50 hour check. Print and view tech logs. Aircraft booking system - allow users to book aircraft. Admin can book students lessons or allow students to book. Booking can be individual, bi-weekly or monthly. Select aircraft and instructor for booking. Bookings can be listed by aircraft, instructor or user. Can be emailed to each. Multi slot booking for long periods or maintenance periods. Student flights - complete flight details are added. Invoices can be prepared and printed or emailed to the student/user Tech logs can be viewed or printed Aircraft Rentals. After flight, pilot can enter all flight details . Admin can verify details and then send invoice by email. Tech log is maintained automatically when data is updated. All information can be viewed by user For further details and trials please call Sell Tahsin 07766 404284

Contact Sell Tahsin, Air Academy, residing London, England, phone +447766404284.
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Date : 15-08-2017

Piper PA-24 Comanche

Piper PA-24 Comanche 250/260 wanted. Sensible price paid for the right aircraft.

Contact Andrew Court, residing Frome, England, phone +44 7713 151230.
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Date : 13-08-2017


Complete Cabin / Canopy only (no airframe, no wings, no instrument) with 2 seats, 2 sticks, nose cock, perfect for training or other purpose. See more http://avioservice.dir.bg/_wm/gallery/?df=501584

Contact AvioServiceBG Ltd, www.avioservicebgltd.com/, residing Dobrich, Bulgaria, phone +359889775660.
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Date : 13-08-2017

O-235-C series cylinders with low hours for sale

Lycoming O235 C series chromed cylinders for sale. With pistons included (this cylinder model uses a piston with 4 rings and one of it is a scraper ring). Good condition and Low hours. For experimental use. I have 3 cylinders with pistons for sale. Contact me.

Contact Miguel Cabral, residing Lisbon, Portugal.
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Date : 13-08-2017

Marvel Schebler Carburator

Used Marvel Schebler Carurator, Model MA 45 PA, P No 10-5009 for sale. Price 500 €

Contact Friedrich Diehl, residing Ehringshausen, Germany, phone 004915233502619.
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Date : 12-08-2017


Hi, I am buying used NAV/COM Radios and Avionics. Did you upgrade to 8.33kHz? I am currently paying cash for Garmin SL-30 , SL-40 , Bendix/King KX-125, KX-155, KY-196 , Microair M-760 and other radios. Also looking for DME, GPS systems, and other avionics. If you have any avionics you would like to sell, please email me at goodpuppy4@yahoo.com with details and price. Email: goodpuppy4@yahoo.com Tel. 0049 176 255 755 75

Contact Daniel Broehl, residing Cologne, Germany, phone 004917625575575.
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Date : 12-08-2017

Rotax 912

A Brand New, Rotax 912 A3 , 80 HP, Still in the Box and never used , the engine is available at October Airport Egypt, HEOC Asking price is 13000 Euro

Contact Sameh Sobhy Wahba, EASI, residing Cairo, Egypt, phone +201221732679.
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Date : 12-08-2017

Buying old Radios, mode C transponders and other Avionics

Did you remove your Radio for 8.33 upgrade? I am currently located in Europe to purchase older style 25 Khz King KX-155, KX-165, KX-175B, Mircroair 760, Becker, and Garmin Nav/Com Radios, Mode C Transponders KT-76A, KT-76C, GTX327, VHF-251, Narco AT150 and many other avionics. Can travel, will pick up, paying cash. Please email me if you have avionics to sell!

Contact Marlene Smith, Parts for Planes, residing USA California, Netherlands.
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Date : 11-08-2017

Autopilot System Bendix/King KFC 150

KFC-150 Autopilot System , removed from Beech 36 for upgrade.Price 8900 Euro (Includes Flight Director ATT KI-256 and KCS-55A HSI Compass System) If you are interested in the ultimate in panel-mounted flight control systems for a single or twin-engine aircraft, consider the KFC-150 Flight Control System. The system incorporates a sophisticated two-axis autopilot with a flight director system. This combination simplifies your job in the cockpit dramatically, particularly in a challenging IFR environment. The KFC-150 Flight Control System panel units consist of the KC-192 Flight Computer/Mode Controller/Mode Annunciator, the KI-256 Flight Command Indicator, and the KI-525A Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The flight director system is a computer which calculates and displays the appropriate pitch and roll attitudes required to intercept and maintain a course, an approach path, an altitude or a heading. Once computed, the commands are displayed to the pilot on a single cue steering command, which is part of the KI-256 Flight Command Indicator. The KI-525A HSI is part of the Bendix/King KCS-55A Compass System. The KI-525A displays both magnetic heading and horizontal navigation information on the same instrument--hence the name Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The KCS-55A Compass System also helps relieve pilot workload by removing the necessity of periodically resetting magnetic heading. Since it is a slaved system, it makes automatic adjustments for gyro precession. The autopilot and flight director functions of the KFC-150 combine to provide sophisticated digital flight control capability for singles and twins.

Contact David Sykora, residing Prague, Czech Rep., phone +420724068065.
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Date : 09-08-2017

TCM O-470-R Wanted

I would like to purchase TCM O470-R. Please make an offer.

Contact Ladislav Kudrnáč, residing Jaroměř, Czech Rep., phone +420721049549.
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Date : 08-08-2017

An-2 spare parts

Wide range of spares from stocks, new or factory overhauled. Engine accessories (carbs AKM-62IRa, magnetos BSM-9F, governors RIM-U-24IR, generators GSN-3000M, spark plugs SDM-48BSM, piston rings...). Avionics and electrical equipment. Airframe parts (oil coolers 1006; exhaust collectors Sz6800-1, sections and parts; engine frame M6400-0 and shock absorbers Sz6410-30-1, -7, MSz6980-10...; air intakes MSz6803-1, command cables, rods and discs; gear and brakes with accessories; twin commands mods; hoses; structural elements and much more.

Contact Ilia Palamodov, www.aero-concept.com, residing Boulogne, France, phone +33614487585.
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Date : 08-08-2017

Cessna 210-5 Skydive for lease

Skydive Cessna 210-5 (205) available for lease N-reg. Condition like new. for more information fabry.michael@gmail.com. Location Belgium

Contact Michael Fabry, Space Imaging ME, residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 06-08-2017

MT Propeller Model MTV-14-B four-bladed composite prop

MT Propeller Model MTV-14-B four-bladed composite prop removed from PA46-350P. Hours: TSN. 805.8 TSO. 231.8 Overhaul carried out at 516.2 on 18 December 2012, next due December 2018 Log book copy available to email if required. Condition: Good, fully serviceable TSO 231.8hrs Propeller located in UK, Buyer to secure shipping or collection but happy to help if possible... Price: $8999

Contact Stuart Moore, residing Woking, England.
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Date : 04-08-2017

Lycoming TIO-540-AH1A

The engine after the accident. To review. 2007 gasystem@wp.pl

Contact Cieciwa Bozenna, Ekotech, residing Michalowice, Poland, phone 0048 530442404.
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Date : 04-08-2017

For sale Scott 3000 Tailwheel

Scott 3000 tailwheel, complete, with fork and bracket ass'y, refurbished, in good condition. 600 EUR + shipping. Worldwide shipping. --- View tailwheel ---

Contact Alex Slobodyrev, residing Hodenhagen (EDVH), Germany, phone +491781666996.
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Date : 03-08-2017