2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania    53.000
1979 Grumman American GA-7 Cougar
Wales    76.500
2017 Celier Xenon 4 Executive
Poland    93.000
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania    33.000
Annual Due Jan 2020
1967 Cessna F-172 Skyhawk H

Wales    38.500
VIP Boeing 737
1982 Boeing 737-200 VIP

US Missouri   $ 2.450.000

Hard Workers

You are about to find some rugged money-earning planes,
which are well suited to equip small aviation companies!

General Plane Sweep - Utility & Aerotow Aircraft

We are looking for small airplanes with good load carrying capability, ability to operate from short airstrips, or which perform specialist air work.

You can specify additional matching conditions.




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