VIP Boeing 737
1982 Boeing 737-200 VIP

US Missouri   $ 2.450.000
Annual Due Jan 2020
1967 Cessna F-172 Skyhawk H

Wales    38.500
2017 Celier Xenon 4 Executive
Poland    93.000
2007 SG Storm
Lithuania    33.000
2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania    53.000
1979 Grumman American GA-7 Cougar
Wales    76.500

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You are about to find some nice flyers, all well
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General Plane Sweep - Pleasure Aircraft

We are looking for aircraft that provide good aviation fun, whether slow 'n simple or higher performing. Included are experimentals, taildraggers, aerobatic planes, classics and ex-military planes.

Note: Ultralights and Gliders are not included here at present. You can access these via the group links at the bottom of this page.

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