Best 340 in Europe!!
1976 Cessna 340 II A

Austria   € 199.000
2008 CZAW SportCruiser
Lithuania   € 53.999
1972 Cessna F-172 L Reims
Lithuania   € 33.999

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Lease / Charter
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For Rent Piper Archer

N-reg Piper Archer P28A for rent in Maastricht EHBK. Build in 1974. IFR equipped with Garmin 430. Rental price euro 192,50- excluding 21% dutch VAT. For more information contact Wim Vinken Phone +31 475566464

Contact Wim Vinken, Wiro Air, residing Thorn, Netherlands, phone 0031475566464.
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Date : 18-07-2019

Urgent need of a PA31

We need to rent a PA 31-350. C402 or C404 in Commuter configuration in Europe for 12 mounth and approximately 450 hrs.

Contact Patrick Bovaeng, Nidaros Airservice, residing Falun, Sweden, phone +46730734982.
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Date : 13-07-2019

Flight school cooporation

Flying school in Scandinavia wants to get in touch with a flying school in Southern Europe like Italy, Spain or Greece, where there is good weather condition for flight training. We are looking for a school that is interested in collaborating with a flight school in Scandinavia that has pupils for PPL, CPL, IR and MEP. Would like to find a place with weather conditions, that allows us to train students concentrated.

Contact Bent Esman, Blue Air, residing Skive, Denmark, phone +45 40500637.
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Date : 06-07-2019

Sukhoi Superjet 100

Expected 3 band new aircraft for auction with starting price "just to penetrate new markets". Total 16 new aircraft planned to be sold or leased in a very short term. Listed price $35m (2018) will be significantly cut for the purpose of marketing solutions. Interested parties please contact for more information.

Contact Eugene Syzonenko, Avialux Marketing, residing Kiev, Ukraine, phone +380962040908.
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Date : 30-06-2019

Aircraft Rental and Hour Building

Hour Building and Structured hour building in the Sunny Cyprus. Two Pipers PA28 Cherokee 150hp available for rental and hour building. Safety pilot services during the hour building can be arranged also. Prerequisites: EASA PPL/CPL (SEP) is mandatory with valid Medical 2 at least. We also offer single engine piston ferry operations. So if you need a ferry pilot for your airplane or seeking a place for your hour building contact us to discuss all the details. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Loukas Kyriakou , L. K Flyers LTD , residing Nicosia , Cyprus, phone 0035799516778.
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Date : 16-06-2019

Stellplatz EDVH zu vermieten

Stellplatz für ein Flugzeug SEP, oder UL zu vermieten. Rundhalle in Hodenhagen/EDVH 0151-11530254

Contact Tobias Jachmann, residing Hannover, Germany, phone +49-151-11530254.
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Date : 24-05-2019


we offer safe and legal N-registration for your aircraft - located in the heart of Europe - we offer the most personalized service in this field. If interersted contact us for details T+43-5232-20749 F+43-5232-20751 M+43-650-8600024

Contact Michael Ladstätter, Euram GesmbH, residing Kematen - Innsbruck, Austria, phone +43-5232-20749.
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Date : 14-05-2019


GENERAL AVIATION PARTNER Aircraft financing: lease, loans for private owners and companies Your general aviation financing Partner over France, Swiss, Germany, Benelux We can also financeN registered aircraft and ULM. Specific quotes on request for your project. Web: http//

Contact Francois Billet, General Aviation Partner, residing Beine Nauroy (51), France, phone +33 326 042 134.
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Date : 16-04-2019

Jet-Ranger 206 BIII

Privat Jet Ranger Charter 790 .-- EUR / HR & Tax Switzerland Block Rates 20 Hr From 700 Eur Good Avaiablility

Contact Andreas H. Bodmer, Airphot AG , residing Zürich, Switzerland, phone +41798176646.
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Date : 16-04-2019

Cessna 210-5 Skydive for lease

Skydive Cessna 210-5 (205) available for lease N-reg. Condition like new. Possible sale also. 135000 euro. 8020hr TT, 450Hr engine. 600hr prop. Garmin GNS430, 695 efis and EDM900 New paint and interior. for more information Location Belgium

Contact Michael Fabry, PLANE RESCUE , residing Bouillon, Belgium, phone +32499227788.
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Date : 13-01-2019

SMG 92 Turbofinist great skydive ship for rent

Hello everyone! We have for rent from late October 2018 till April 2019 our awesome skydiving machine with turbine engine which is the SMG 92 Turbofinist. It could take 10 skydivers on board. Climbing to 14,500 feet in about 15 minutes, whole one operation takes 20 min. Fuel tanks capacity allow to do up to five operations without refueling. Feel free to contact me for more details. --- View 1 --- View 2 --- View 3 --- View 4 --- View 5 --- View 6 ---

Contact Pawel Ludwikowski, residing Gdansk, Poland, phone +48784521467.
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Date : 18-06-2018


A workhorse aircraft and very reliable... With about half the operating costs of a regional jet, the Saab 340 can offer service in a variety of markets, large or small. We offer aircraft available for short or longterm ACMI leases, EASA-compliant and ready to position for contract anywhere at a very short notice. Operator has great experance flying aircraft in African and Middle East regions. Short and dirt runways capabilities allow aircarft operation in bush airfileds with a maximum comfort of heavy airliner. Please let us know your requirements and conditions including: -Proposed aircraft base -Intended routes/destinations/schedules -Date start and duration of contract -Information about your AOC and local operational permits in place -Any other helpfull details to evaluate project and compound our offer

Contact Eugene Syzonenko, Avialux Marketing, residing Kiev, Ukraine, phone +380962040908.
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Date : 04-11-2017