For Sale
Piper PA-34-200 Seneca I


Year of construction  1972
Country  Switzerland
City/Aerodrome  Locarno

Description  Good economic twin.
Airplane time state  Airframe total time: 9816:20 hrs,

LH: Textron-Lycoming IO-360-C1E6, sn L-1118-51A
TT: 10186, TSOH: 1025:48 overhauled by Mattituck in September 1998,
RH: Textron-Lycoming LIO-360-C1E6, sn L-444-67A
TT: 7693:38, TSOH: 1556:32 overhauled by Mattituck in July 1996
TBO: 2000 hrs / 12 Years (Calendar overhaul not mandatory in Switzerland for private operation.
Also read new EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) No 2011-15 for future "Non-binding guidance on TBO limits")

2 Bladed Hartzell Propellers
LH: CH -C2YK-2CGUF, sn AU13103B
TT: 5672, Time Since Overhaul: 79:25 hrs
Overhauled with New improved hubs in July. 2007.
RH: HC-C2YK-CLGUF. sn AU13099B
TT: 6583:19, Time Since Overhaul: 79:25
Overhauled with New improved hubs in July. 2007.
TBO: 2000 hrs / 6 Years.
(Calendar overhaul not mandatory in Switzerland for private operation.
Also read new EASA Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) No 2011-15 for future "Non-binding guidance on TBO limits")
Interior  Blue vinyle 9/10
Gray fabric seats 9/10
Pilot and Copilot Adjustable seats
Blue carpet 9/10
Exterior  Light gray with marroon stripes 7/10
Avionics  IFR,
KMA20 Audio/MB,
2 x KX125 COM 760 Ch, FM Immune,
KR85 ADF with RMI,
Narco ELT10,
Garmin 330 Mode "S" XPDR,
ACK A30 Encoder,
Autocontr III Autopilot 3 ax coupled to HSI and VOR,

Garmin GPS 155 TSO, approved for VFR/IFR enroute, B-RNAV, terminal and instrument approach (GPS, VOR, VOR-DME, NDB, NDB-DME) operation. Within the US National Airwspace System in accordance with AC 20-138 and such countries where GPS enroute, terminal and non-precision approaches are authorized by the appropriate airworthiness authority.

WX900 Stormscope,
Copilot instruments Airspeed, Attitude Indicator, Altimeter, VOR/GS, DG

Certified VFR Day/Night, IFR Category 1, B-RNAV (RNP 5)
Options  Lightweight Surface Pneumatic De-icing system and propeller electrothermal de-icing system,
Windshield hot plate,
Pitot and stall warning heat system protected by landing gear switch
Propellers with dampers
Electric pitch trim installation,
Logo light,

Additional FOCA Approved 98 USG fuel tank for ferry flights. Increased MTOW approved for 4560 Lbs
Remaining Useful Load with full tanks and ferry tank: 453.45 Lbs
Remarks  In good condition.
Landing accident with one main gear collapse and wing spar repair in performed in 1991 at TT: 6557
Missing logs from 1972 to 1981, Prior to Swiss registration.
Replaced fuel tank vent line hoses 12/07
Next annual inspection due 12/08
EASA Certificate of Airworthiness
EASA Noise Certificate 74.8 dB(A)

Maximum Take Off Weight: 1905 kg - 4199.00 lbs
Empty Weight: 2960.55
Useful Load: 1235.45 Lbs
Fuel Capacity: 93 USG

WILL TRADE FOR ULM (Ultralight) Aircraft

Will sell with fresh 100 hrs annual inspection that will include:
- fresh ARC
- updated approved maintenance program
- new battery
- compliance with repetitive AD's
- new nose baggage door lock
- altimeters and pitot static test
- avionics ramp test
- magnetic compass swing
- new ELT battery
- nose gear trunnion 1000 hrs inspection
- wing spar check
- 7 years inspection
- magnetos 500 hrs inspection
- new engine driven fuel pumps
- one new electric fuel booster pump
- many additional new items replaced
Price   55.000

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Offered by

Aeromeccanica SA
Stefano Scossa
Gordola, Switzerland
Phone +41-91-2103128

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