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Yakovlev Yak-52


Year of construction  1982
Country  Romania
City/Aerodrome  Oradea

Description  Beautiful YAK-52 Movie 1, Movie 2,   Movie 3, serial 822710, built 1982 at Intreprinderea de Avioane Bacau in Romania was first delivered to Russia as a trainer and then went to England as an aerobatic airplane. 2017 she went back to Romania, flying under a UK permit to fly, valid until 25.05.2018. She is weekly flown and is a big fun airplane, and awakes big emotions with me and my passengers at every flight.
Airplane time state  Aircraft hours 1256 (airframe until 2022 or 5744h until next OH), propeller hours 24 (1976h until next OH), engine hours 164 (536h until next OH) . the actual engine M-14P, built 1988, is cared for and runs very well - brings all the 360 HP to the propeller. Consuming 60 litre of gas an hour and 1 up to 2 litre of oil which is normal. M14P engine is revised; fuel lines, oil lines, all filters, valves, new spark plugs (automotive) before 10 hours. No oil spilling under the cowling! Not loosing air pressure! Air system completely renovated. All valves restored, leaking airtubes replaced. Built in air compressor AK50 renovated. Max +5/-3 g = longer airframe lifetime = no wing spar enforcement.
Interior  Repainted 2007 at Termikas, interior 9/10. Seats equipped.
Exterior  Repainted 2007 at Termikas, exterior a 9/10. New LED landing lights (the old ones are still available)
Avionics  Original Russian avionics - all working well. fitted in an USB port and a new compass. also the old Russian radio is working well and without disturbing noises. Garmin Mode S Transponder.
Options  Auxiliary tanks equipped (endurance 2h, with aux, 4h). Including: 2 parachutes, 1 air bottle 20 litre with fitting, 1 external air compressor, 1 original M-14P service instrument set from the Romanian army (extremely helpful), cabin and cowling covers. All documentation available (incl. the Russian).
Remarks  This airplane is actually in a technical state as new, always hangared. Airplane can be transferred to any place you wish in Europe or for free at the northern part of Romania (no VISA needed). Pls send email (Romanian, German, English), phone only on request. READY TO FLY AWAY!!
Price   49.000  VAT free

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NovaTrust Agency SRL
Thomas Warren
Oradea, Romania
Phone +40359 630009

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