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Vans RV-12


Year of construction  2014
Country  US Florida
City/Aerodrome  FD88

Description  2014 Vanís RV-12.  Only 50 hours since new.  Viking engine.  EFIS.  Great little plane.
Airplane time state  2014 Vanís RV-12
SN 120329

50 hours total time since new

Excellent workmanship by a builder that had completed pervious Vanís Kits.

Certified EAB---Experimental Amateur Built

See our website for additional photos of the build process.

Viking 130

This is a Honda Fit engine that is modified for aircraft use by Viking Aircraft Engines.

Please see their website at for more information on this fine engine.

Approved to operate on auto gas.
Interior  The interior is finished in aircraft gray paint.  The two seats are gray leather with cloth inserts.  5 point harnesses are integrated with each seat.
Exterior  Yellow with Black Lettering
Avionics  Dynon Avionics SkyView EFIS
Garmin SL 40 COMM
Flightcom 403 Intercom
Transponder is part of the Dynon System
2 Axis Auto Pilot is integrated with the Dynon System
Options  Dual batteries
Dual ignition
Electric trim
Landing light
Nav lights
Strobe lights
Auto Pilot---2 axis
Full dual controls
Remarks  Current
Last condition inspection completed 3/1/16
Price  $ 55.900

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Raptor Aviation, Inc.
Port St Lucie, US Florida
Phone +1 859-250-0082

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