For Sale
Hollmann HA-2 Sportster 121


Year of construction  2000
Country  Sweden
City/Aerodrome  Stockholm

Description  Hollmann Sportster HA-2M Experimental for sale

Enclosed 2-seat side-by-side TT43.45 hrs O320-E2C 160hp - Complete documentation.

This is a very nice, low-time and clean gyro,
The Sportster has 2-seat side-by-side
partially enclosed autogyro - Cabin Class
This is a very nice and well flying gyro,
only TTSN: 43:45 hrs. The Sportster
has the standard engine the Lycoming
O-320-E2C, 320 c.i., 160 hp.

Engine: 160 hp Lycoming, 320 c.i.
Propeller: 67" X 38" wood
Rotor Blades: Hollmann 28' X 9'
Rotor diameter: 28 ft 0 in (8.53 m)
Length overall: 12 ft 0 in (3.66 m), Width 7'8"
Height rotorhead: 7 ft 8 in (2.34 m)
Rotor disk: 615.44 sq.ft (57.18 sq.m)
Weight empty: 620 lb (281 kg)
Loaded weight: 1,050 lb (476 kg)
Max speed: [120 mph]
~ 90 mph (145 km/h) at sea level
Cruise speed: 75 mph (121 km/h) at sea level
Eco cruise speed: 60 mph (97 km/h) at sea level
Min speed / Stalling speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)
Takeoff run: 350 ft (107 m), Landing run:
0 to 20 ft (0 to 6 m), Climb: 700 ft (213 m)/min
Ceiling: 8,000 ft 2,440 m, Range: 90 mls 145 km.

Located in Scandinavia. Immediatly available.

Full and Compleate documentation. Clear ownership.
In National Aircraft Regrestry and annual fees paied
In Storage. Airworthiness expired 2007.

Sold as is where is.

No emails - Thanks
Serious buyer call:+46-707-458385
Airplane time state  Call and ask for details
Interior  White / black
Exterior  White / black
Avionics  Standard, radio etc
Options  Eperimental checked out for check and school flights
Remarks  _________________________________

No emails - Make a call for best attention
Buyer with serious intentions call:+46-700-387610
Price   13.900  VAT free

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Offered by

Andy Goehlin
Stockholm, Sweden
Phone +46-700-387610

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