For Sale
Aero Designs Pulsar XP


Year of construction  1997
Country  Finland
City/Aerodrome  Salo / EFIK

Description  NEWS:
Because of the new rules for Ultralight aircraft in EU and hopefully soon in Finland and Sweden the Pulsar can be registered as an Ultralight. Empty weight for Pulsar is approximately 300kg and stall speed 74kph.

The aircraft is for sale by the builder.
On of the finest Pulsars in the world. Building hours 3500/6 years. "Plane of the Year" award winner in Finland 1997. Excellent workmanship. No damage. Always hangared. Only flown during summer time. Winter time stored in warm garage. Looks still as new.
Airplane time state  Total flight hours 445. All flight hours logged by the owner/builder. Engine Rotax 912 UL 80hp. Total hours 445. All Service Bulletins done. Last flight in September 2013.
Stored in warm hangar since that.
New fuel, oil and cooling hoses installed in September 2015. Last flight in September 2013. Stored in a warm hangar. Flying my ultralight since 2011.
Interior  Seats two color alcantara. Side panels and baggage compartment two color alcantara. Custom made instrument panel.
Exterior  White color with blue stripes in three-color.
Avionics  Radio Terra TX 760 D, GPS Garmin Pilot III. Air speed, Altimeter, Vertical speed, Fuel gauge with selector for right and left wing tanks and fuselage tank. Engine gauges: Dual EGT, dual CHT, Oil PSI and temp, Fuel PSI, Volt/Ampere gauge. Digital tachometer. Electric Turn & Bank with bubble. Magnetic compass.
Options  Electric operated flaps with digital degree display. Flaps can be operated from both seats. Throttle lever on both side. Electric fuel pump with dual switch/light. Parking brake and choke levers on pilot side. Cabin heat levers on co-pilot side. Fuses and switches on the right side of the panel. On center panel: Cessna-type main switch. Ignition key with positions OFF/Right/Left/Both/Start. Indications for electric aileron and elevator trim. Intercom adjusting and jack for external microphone. Main fuse and avionic fuses. Centered control stick switches: Elevator and aileron trim. Transmitting. Three position fuel valve on pilot side: Right/Left/Front. The fuel gauge indicates automatically the selected fuel tank. Warning lights to the left: Parking brake ON, Canopy latch open, Strobe lights OFF. The green button is for pressuring the canopy seal to avoid air draught. Whelen strobe light on wing tips. Position lights on wings and tail. Landing light. Peltor head sets. Speaker.
Remarks  The hydraulic brakes are heel operated. Removable wings for transport and storage. Wing tank capacity is 35 liter each. Front tank 60 liter. Normally used as reserve 10-20 liter. Empty weight 288kg. MTOW 476kg. Tested +3,8g, -2g. Vne 160 mph (258 km/h) Stall speed 46 mph (74 km/h). Cruising speed: 4800 RPM 120 mph (194 km/h) 5500 RPM 140 mph (225 km/h) 5800 RPM 160 mph (258 km/h).
Price   30.200  VAT free

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Steve Hannula
Salo, Finland
Phone +358451104848

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